• photos by Paul Slocumb •

Fifteen Sul Ross State University student scholars presented their research at the eleventh annual McNair-Tafoya Symposium on Wednesday, Oct. 24 in the Morgan University Center.  Four oral presentations in the Espino Conference Center were followed by fifteen poster presentations in the adjacent foyer.

Oral presentations included: Yelixza Avila with Empirical Study to Assess Immunotoxicity of RNA Nanorings with Varied Functional Orientations; Fabian Baeza with An Assessment of Region 18 Texas High School Football Athletes’ Knowledge and Attitude Towards Concussions; Miranda Gilbert with Relationship between Continuum and Emission line properties of Quasars: A multi-wavelength Analysis; and Michelle Ramos with No Es Para Nosotros: The Cultural Expression of Social-Familial Oppression in Hispanic Culture.

Poster presentations included the four students listed above as well as: Alexis Amancio with Exploration of the Relationships Between Perceptions of Behaviors and Boundary Violations; Alfonso Anaya with The Importance of Keeping Dark Skies Dark and an Effort to Make Bright Skies Darker: Research & Creative Project; Olivia Enriquez with X-Ray Diffraction of Alamito Creek Sediments, Trans-Pecos Region, TX; Anissa Garcia with Comparison of Digestibility of Forages in Jersey Steers Supplemented with Saccaromyces cerevisiae on a High and Low Quality Forage Diet; Noheli Gutierrez with Effects of DigestaWell Fiber-Power on In-Vitro Digestibility Alfalfa and Coastal Bermudagrass Hay Fed to Horses; Juan Mora with Development of Synthetic Carbohydrate Biomimetics as Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Prophylactics; Amy Nava with Tax Issues & Revenues for Legal Marijuana; Linda Padilla Cruz with The Other Face of the War on Drugs: Are Physicians White Collar Drug Dealers; Kaylee Plowman with Art-Based Intervention Effects to Reduce Anxiety Levels; Kadean Solis with Factors Influencing Decisions to Become a Parent: Resiliency and Adverse Childhood Events; and Itzel Soto with Digestibility of Forages in Steers Supplements with Glycerol on a Wheat Straw Forage Diet.

A full photo album can be be found here.