Rain Cafe

• by Lee Estepp •

And when sitting

at a table

without guide,

without beverage;

And I saw her walk past,

down the April thoroughfare;

How soon


I felt the need of sunshine

and left my table

to walk in the rain…


Concierto en el Catedral de Cuernavaca

• by Domingo F. Vargas •

Golden dome, arching above

the Christ hanging,

floating in the air.

Musical hands, skillfully

touching ivory keys, (El Puerto).

Echoes bouncing

from wall to wall,

the saints are still deaf

to life.

The faithful listen to artistic

hands.  What of their mind?

Tourists gawk from behind sunglasses,

reflecting darkness.

The night has stars,

what about the mind?


The Wall of Fear

• by Domingo F. Vargas •

Mountains in storms

Disappear behind the wall

Of rain; they are transformed

Into the edge of a crack, that

If we climb at the right

Time through this opening, we

Shall find clear pools of water,

Reflecting life’s beauty, known

Only to those innocent enough to

Climb the wall of fear.


Thoughts Inspired

• by Sandy Ashley •

The summer forest is dim

with the heavy thicket

of pines and sweet gums,

while the sounds of

birds calling lend their

sweetness to the delicate

ferns, softly lit by an

intermittent shaft

of sunlight.