They call her V. Her name is Vania Hampton. She plays basketball. Who she will become, behind fierce eyes and iron-clad tenacity, is still being shaped. Her story still being written. Her future still unfolding. But she is here for one reason. She loves Sul Ross. 

To call the Alpine campus of Sul Ross State University unique or special seems too bland to those who have, who do, and who will call this place home. It’s rare. It’s rare to find an institution nestled in the mountains of West Texas blessed by a skyline that poets dream of and bathed under a blanket of unabated starlight every single night. This is a place where so many have come to change their future for the better, to seek an opportunity to find their voice, and to shape who they become. There is a panoply of talent, inspiration, and tradition burning and churning along waiting to burst into the world and make their presence felt. There are far more who have gone on to grasp their own opportunities and make their own successes. We are not the tiny college in the middle of nowhere. We are Sul Ross.

“I love Sul Ross” represents only a small highlight of the wonderful people roaming our campus. Every. Single. Day. This will be a weekly segment highlighting what we are and who we are. We’re facing a difficult time right now, yes, but we want to make it clear that we will overcome this. We will be stronger. Just like Vania Hampton. Just like V.

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