• courtesy of the Wildenthal Library and the Tutoring and Learning Center •

Housed in the Wildenthal Library, the Tutoring and Learning Center experienced great success in the 2018 academic year, helping the Library tally a record number of student visits.  To further their collaboration, the Library and TLC (with funding from the Title V, El Camino Del Lobo Al Exito grant) have combined forces and budgets again to update furniture and computers in other areas of the Library.

The first floor will be improved with new computer tables, bean bag chairs (a specific request from students), and a better passport services waiting area.  The Cultural Center and Office of International Studies have moved behind the TLC, and will have all new furniture to improve functionality and provide comfort for the University’s international students.

The second floor classroom is getting a full overhaul.  Furniture that has been in place for at least 20 years has been removed in order to install movable tables and colorful chairs more conducive to group work and innovative instruction.  A new projection and sound system will also be installed.  Old desktop computers have been removed in favor of laptops, a change designed to make the classroom a more attractive destination for students requiring information literacy instruction.  Outside the classroom, the second floor computer lab will get new carpet, fixed tables, and chairs, but retain desktop computing capability for students needing more powerful machines.  Opposite the periodical stacks, the second floor study area will see the introduction of bright and comfortable study pods.

The third floor already boasts new lounge chairs and tables for silent study, reading, and reflection while taking in some of the best views on campus from Library windows.

To pay for the renovations, the Library combined about $30,000 in HEF funds to the El Camino grant funds made available thanks to the TLC.