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By Gabriela Olivas, Skyline Reporter

We don’t need Kool and the Gang to tell us:  The banners hanging over the one-ways in town have once again been raised and are proclaiming the opening of the much anticipated  Artwalk.

Holland Street, Avenue E, Murphy Street, and all the cross-streets in Alpine are soon to be packed with Sul Ross students, Alpinites, and tourists gathering to celebrate many different forms of art. It’s also the perfect time for people to unwind, enjoy sightseeing, people watching, gorging on street food, crowding into local restaurants, and listening to music on the outdoor stage and in the pubs and galleries.  The event features a bike zoo and almost constant live outdoor music beginning Friday at 5 p.m. and continuing through Saturday evening.

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Sul Ross students who may need to take a break from projects, assignments, and the too-soon-to-arrive finals should definitely not sleep on this event.  It is wicked fun each year!

For Lobos new to campus, Artwalk is an annual celebration of local culture and many different art forms. There will be endless amounts of food and wares to purchase, but attending the event only costs a walk downtown.  Lots of galleries even offer free food and refreshments—almost all of the local businesses host pop-up galleries and receptions.  The streets on Friday and Saturday nights are always packed with folks wandering around, checking out the bands, the art, and the shops. People-watching alone is worth a trip down the hill.

Not only do local and state-wide artists and artisans take the opportunity to show participants their creative works—but so do Sul Ross students! Many of our own artists will be displaying and selling their works during the festival.  The official Sul Ross student gallery will be located at      , but keep your eye out for oth

Neela Ahmed, The Wonderer, 2019, Digital Illustration

er students displaying works at various galleries.  Skyline’s own, Art and Layout Editor, Neela Ahmed, will be at the Emergo Arts Boutique at 301 E. Holland Street Friday, after 5 p.m., and Saturday after 11 a.m.

No matter which direction you walk this weekend, you will encounter countless beautiful pieces. It’s the perfect time to buy a treat for yourself or even knock out some holiday shopping.  Or, just enjoy the views and the sounds—a priceless opportunity to appreciate the artists and to learn about their techniques and inspirations.

Artwalk kicks off Friday and continues through Saturday.  For a schedule of events, visit their website at

Lobos, heed Kool and the Gang’s advice to “bring your good times and your laughter, too” . . .  and don’t miss this celebration!