By Neela Ahmed, Skyline Art and Layout Editor


Albino (Al) Gomez is a digital art major who is showcasing his Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition November 25th through December 6th with a reception on Wednesday, December 4th from 5 p.m.-7 p.m. at the art gallery in the Francois Fine Arts Building at Sul Ross State University.

In an interview, he discusses his work and his studies here at Sul Ross:


Q: Where are you originally from and why did you choose Sul Ross?

A: I am from Fort Hancock, Texas, and the reason I chose to attend Sul Ross was because my mother graduated from here. I enjoy how small of a community it is; it reminds me of my hometown.


Q: Who are your influences and how do you see them inspire your art?

A: Frank Miller and Art Spiegelman are two of my main influences. The detail in line that they are able to convey is what I took from their work that influences my own.


Q: What is your creative process when beginning a new project?

A: When I’m starting a new project, I begin by planning my ideas and sketching them out. I’m a visual person and have to see my ideas in front of me for them to make sense.


Q: What is the basis and ideas behind your senior exhibition?

A: What inspired me most was everyday life and how emotion can define a person. There are also ideas of how much deeper can you dig until you fully get to know a person.


Q: What is your favorite part about the creative process of your art?

A: I enjoy seeing the finished product just as any audience member would.


Q: What story are you trying to convey through your exhibition?

A: The story I’m trying to convey is about everyday life as a college student—how a student deals with work, classwork, financial problems, and personal friendships.