By Viviana Sanchez

Skyline Reporter


A candlelit dinner? Lying in the back bed of a pickup truck looking up at the stars? As Valentine’s Day draws closer, so do the ponderings of the varying types of ideal dates activities. When contemplating options, some intriguing questions can come to mind, especially for us Millennials and Gen-Zers:  Is there such a thing as THE perfect date? What even is considered a date?

My curiosity got the best of me, so I decided to poll my fellow students on the Alpine campus with the question: What is your ideal date night?

Santa Cruz: “The perfect date for me, if it’s cold outside, would be to stay inside and have a game night, watch movies, and maybe have a jam session (i.e. sing along to music). If the weather were better or okay-ish, I would want to go out somewhere but not too expensive. Nothing too fancy, just be in a comfortable place where we can enjoy a meal. I would also help out with the date; helping pay the bill, tip, or even gas. After dinner, I’d like to go for a walk somewhere pretty. I almost always picture myself and my potential date walking in city streets, for some reason. So, I definitely wouldn’t mind going sight-seeing and looking at what the city or town has to offer.”



Lujan: “I have never been on a real date before . . . I don’t know what to expect. I think the date would depend on who we are and what we like to do. I think the most important thing in a relationship is always to learn new things about each other. It’s really based on personalities and what you want to do. But not something basic—something creative and adventurous. Just a dinner date is too basic. I prefer something more like a picnic in a different environment, then go look at art at a museum. Just visit someplace interesting where you can learn about each other.

Hernandez: “If I were to take someone on a date, I would ask them what place on earth makes them the happiest so I could go and experience that with them. If they were taking me out, I would literally do anything as long as the other person is enjoying themselves and there is a connection when we are on the date.

From what I learned from fellow Lobos, the perfect date depends on the person and their interests, but, it looks like a stroll downtown, a visit to the Museum of the Big Bend and then a picnic at the desk atop Hancock Hill might just offer excellent backdrops for what everyone seems to agree is the most important thing—getting to know one another. Happy V-Day!