By Viviana Sanchez, Skyline Reporter


Dating can be nerve racking enough but dating in a time of COVID-19 sounds downright impossible. How on earth can a person go on a date during a shelter-in-place mandate? There are ways to date during this time of physical distancing. It helps to keep a sense of humor and get creative. It’s also important to keep in mind that sheltering-in-place won’t be forever. This too shall pass.

While meeting in person is not an option at the moment, the internet offers many ways for budding couples or first daters to spend time together remotely. Apps like Tinder and Hinge allow you to meet others via smartphone. You may not be able to go to the movie theatre right now, but you can bring the movies to you. With apps like Zoom and Netflix House party you can watch a movie or show at the same time without actually being in the same room. These apps are also encouraging dating singles to take things a little slower and get to know each other better before getting physical. This is an unintended consequence, but it has its benefits. It may help you spot red flags earlier, or you may get closer to an especially wonderful person you might have otherwise overlooked. Getting to know a person’s intellect, sense of humor, and emotional state are all important factors in the search for a mate.

I myself am experiencing a long-distance relationship due to social distancing and the fact that my boyfriend lives in a different town. We miss each other of course but we call each other on FaceTime every day which allows us to connect and actually see each other, even if only on video. We also tried watching some Netflix shows together using Zoom, which was fun except for the occasional moments of lag. Sometimes my boyfriend and I just call each other on the phone, choose a Netflix film or show, and simultaneously count down from three before pressing play. This allows us to watch a film or show at the same time together, even though we live in different places. Is this an ideal setup? No. But it’s better than not seeing him at all.

Quarantine is challenging, especially if you’re dating or in a new relationship. But if you take advantage of available dating apps and technology like Zoom, FaceTime, and Google Hangouts, connection is possible and can even be fun. Now, get online and mingle!