25 04, 2020

Music to Quarantine By

2020-04-25T03:24:11+00:00April 25, 2020|

By Gabriela Olivas, Skyline Reporter   During these strange and anxiety-inducing times, listening to music offers a therapeutic and enjoyable way to pass the hours.  Maybe you’re finding solace in older songs, or maybe you’re looking for new music to inspire you. Either way, here are a few suggestions to [...]

19 04, 2020

Fast-changing Internet Struggles to Adapt to Covid-19

2020-04-19T01:44:57+00:00April 19, 2020|

By Anthony Quintana, Skyline Editor and Layout Designer   As people around the world stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19, internet usage is on the rise. With many states under a shelter-in-place mandate and despite having nowhere to go, many people still seek social connection. Aside from old-fashioned [...]

17 04, 2020

The Real Victims of the Tiger King

2020-04-17T21:59:34+00:00April 17, 2020|

By: Viviana Sanchez, Skyline Reporter   The Netflix original documentary series Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness is an internet sensation. Perhaps its success is owed to a country under quarantine and desperate for a distraction. Perhaps, like a car crash, the grotesque triad of Joe Exotic, Carole Baskin, and [...]

31 03, 2020

7 Ways to Manage Stress During Self-Quarantine

2020-03-31T16:17:29+00:00March 31, 2020|

By: Anthony Quintana, Skyline Editor and Layout Designer   As of March 27, there were 86,000 cases of COVID-19 in the United States, and over 500,000 cases worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. The entire country of Italy [...]

31 03, 2020

Five Video Games to Help You Unwind

2020-03-31T04:23:46+00:00March 31, 2020|

By Valeria Salas Ibarra, Skyline Reporter Everyone deserves a break every once in a while, as we all live with a million bottled-up worries. While some might destress by going out for a walk, painting, or drawing—all valid methods—I personally tend to turn to videogames when it comes to relaxing. [...]

31 03, 2020

What Should I Binge Watch Next?

2020-03-31T03:50:08+00:00March 31, 2020|

By: Viviana Sanchez, Skyline reporter   I am sure some of you have come across the same tragic problem I have. Finishing a series and then sitting in the abyss, feeling empty when it’s done. Finding something else to watch next can prove overwhelming—so many options are out there. The [...]

24 03, 2020

Are you Depressed?

2020-03-24T19:42:52+00:00March 24, 2020|

Viviana Sanchez, Skyline Reporter   One in three college students in the United States suffers from depression. According to the American Psychological Association, 36% of U.S. college students are diagnosed with lifetime diagnoses of mental health conditions in 2017, compared with 22% in 2007. The percentage of students who received [...]

21 11, 2019

What Does Tomorrow Mean to You? What Does Today?

2019-11-21T02:01:53+00:00November 21, 2019|

By Barbara Ewan, Skyline editor   What does tomorrow mean to you?  Is it just another day?  Are you putting something off until tomorrow?  Are you excited about the upcoming day?  Are you dreading it? Do any of us actually realize how much value the single word, tomorrow, holds? Let [...]

23 10, 2019

Be Like the Lotus

2019-10-25T19:06:01+00:00October 23, 2019|

By Barbara Ewan, Skyline Reporter One never really knows quite how to begin a story about themselves.  I, for one, am one of those.  Maybe it is because we don’t think that we have a very interesting story to tell, let alone one that could fill the requirements of an [...]

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